Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Ministry for the Future


The Ministry for the Future is established in 2025 as a response to an unfolding climate change catastrophe. A heatwave kills 20 million in India heightening the global emergency.

Mary Murphy is charged with the responsibility of heading the Ministry, its key aim to bring financial, business and government to the table to address the emergency. Mary’s life is interleaved with Frank May, the sole survivor of the India catastrophe introduced in the searing opening chapter. 

Mainly set in the United Nations city of Zurich, Kim Stanley Robinson (KSR) lovingly brings a vitality to the city of international brokerage. At nearly 600 pages, KSR’s book is a long read. Having read his Mars Trilogy and 2312, I know KSR can be a stickler for detail, sometimes at the expanse of well drawn characters. That said, I'm eager to read his examination of the world’s single greatest challenge this century, climate change.

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