Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Goddesses in You


In the contemporary world, where women may be struggling with their personal, social and cultural identities, ancient archetypes could offer help. In her new novel, Goddesses in You, Christine Lister draws on Greco-Roman mythology’s ancient archetypes and relatively modern references to Jung to help the contemporary woman. 

Easy to read and supported by engaging case studies of sixty well-revered women worldwide (from Greta Thunberg to Jackie Kennedy), this fascinating book will help the reader understand some of the powerful psychological patterns that define their own lives. Lister identifies the twelve archetypal patterns, spanning the fulness of the feminine experience and the powerful threads shaping their beliefs, drives, motivations, actions and emotions during various life phases.

Concisely written and beautifully illustrated, Goddesses In You offers women fresh ways to see themselves in this fast-changing world.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Second Foundation


The final book in Isaac Asimov's trilogy follows the Mule's conquest of the First Foundation and his inevitable search for the Second Foundation, supposedly at the other end of the universe. However, the Second Foundation are a more challenging foe to the Mule's telepathic powers, given they have had centuries to develop their own mental and telepathic capabilities.

Part One immediately engages the reader as they follow the Mule's hand-picked investigators, Pritcher, a 'Mule-converted' General, and Channin, an ambitious, talented, but 'unconverted' investigator. They play a psychological cat-and-mouse game with the Mule and the Second Foundation, ultimately leading to the Mule's downfall.

Part Two moves forward some centuries, where the First Foundation has reaffirmed its foothold over the new empire. Still, the mystery of the existence and whereabouts of the Second Foundation remains. A scattering of evidence remains from the Mule's unsuccessful search, enticing further investigation. A small group of First Foundation scientists begin to uncover evidence that the Second Foundation not only exist but are actively tampering with the minds of the First Foundationers.

And so, the group of scientists recommence a galactic search, including unwanted assistance from Arkady, the adolescent daughter of one of the scientists, Darell, ultimately learning of the Second Foundation's true fate.

The third novel in the trilogy is an easy and intriguing read that ultimately rewards the patient reader with the outcome of the new galactic empire.