Thursday, December 1, 2022

A Brief History of Everything


As a keen follower of cosmology, I found Wilber's view of the awe-inspiring cosmos as little more than a flatland, a challenging concept. 

A Brief History of Everything is Ken Wilber's most accessible research on the Kosmos, as opposed to the cosmos, an ambitious attempt to marry the striking quantitative findings of science with the qualitative enquiry of the spirit. 

Wilber's book is a unique and sweeping work, filled with many ideas of how we can better ascend to higher planes through an integrative approach - taking the best concepts from previous stages of development and incorporating them into new systems.

The analogy of our current stage of development as an empirical-based world, Flatland, where nature  (science) and culture (morals) is the correct worldview, but at the expense of true consciousness (art). Spirituality isn't omnipotent but instead confined to the empirical flatland.